Some facts about me

I'm an Irish guy living in Dublin who spends far too much time online in front of computers. If you're looking for an overview of my work skills, then you should read my CV.

I'm into athletics, specifically sprinting, and have been since I was 16. Started off really slowly (literally), but worked to the stage where I've won quite a few medals at regional and national level at 60m, 100m, 200m and 400m. Hard work can pay off ;). Unfortunately my current level of fitness is quite bad, but I'm working on it

I like hanging out with knowledgeable people and learning from them. Some of the more notable examples of meeting interesting people were a week long course on film appreciation given by Professor Michael Edelson of New York University at Stonybrook in Kilkenny in 1996 and the COSAC security conference in Killarney in 2001,2002 and 2003.

While in DIT I helped to found the Golem society with the aim of creating a society similar to DCU's redbrick, or the TCD networking society. The purpose of this society was more leaned towards alternative computer usage rather than pure networking/systems however. It was through my involvement with this society that I first came into contact with other security interested people in Ireland and across the Internet and started to become interested in and learn about this area.

I originally became interested in online communities through my usage of Grex in 1997, which in turn lead to my interest in things such as redbrick as a means of online interaction. However, democratic systems and popular elections can lead to a loss of focus in such endeavors and I much prefer the 'benevolent dictatorship' model of which I used to help to run until it took up too much of my spare time.

More waffle to follow as occurs to me.